Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Potty Training & Puppy Treats

Hello all!
I've been working really hard lately on finding new recipes for my dog treats and potty training Finnley. My first dog I had was so quick to potty train. Finnley on the other hand, is slighty more challenging. He's quite the bundle of energy. He sleeps a ton though (Nice break for me).  I see him growing inches every day :P Ok ok maybe not inches, but he sure is growing fast. He's such a fast little fella. It's so hard to get a non blurry picture of him while he's awake. Since he is getting ornerier by the minute, I've had to start putting him on a leash. Boy does he hate that. Sometimes he forgets he is on it, but other times he will wrestle it to the death. This can take hours, if I let him. He finally has gotten to the point where he knows how to get up the stairs to the deck. Going down however, is a different story.

It's been rather chilly and rainy here in Illinois lately and I haven't had the chance to break out the puppy pool. I'd really like to get Finnley accustomed to the water. I love swimming and hanging out in water every chance I get, so I'd love to get him to love it too. Got any fun puppy swimming stories/pictures? We'd love to see them! 

Today I attempted some carob chip cookies. I think I added a little too much flour, because they were way too dry. I'm going to attempt another recipe for carob chip cookies tomorrow.  I also plan to ice more cookies to take pictures of. It's been a rather slow start to my shop because I'm fresh out of college a.k.a broke. I work a part time job, but don't get nearly enough hours to pay bills. I'm dreading the full time job, so I decided to start a hobby! Dog treat designing! Hurrrayyy! My baby corgi really inspired me to use my artistic degree and creativity to make him delicious treats, and why not share the love with other doggies!

Any who,

I really should be off to bed. Finnley wakes me up rather early. Send me pictures of your summery pups! I'd love to see some summery pictures, since it feels nothing like summer here at all.

It was raining outside today, so Finnley caught himself a crocodile inside ( for all you Jersey Shore fans.... a crocadilly).

Too-da-loo!  Bark BARK!

Michelle & Finnley

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